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Ended up at the last minute going to Bunco as a sub. This isn't even MY neighborhood bunco, but the neighborhood that Angela used to live in. Either way, one day they will stop having me as a sub. I got the most Buncos AND the most wins (4 buncos, 10 wins), but you can only win in one area, so I took the $30 prize for most Buncos. Ang won the most wins behind mine, 9, and she got $20. Drinking money! YAY! It's nice to go out for a couple of hours, talk and laugh so much with a bunch of other women, get a little buzz on, and actually MAKE MONEY.

I transferred my wine bucket and stand over to Ang's car, and saw the penis cake mold her realtor gave her. Umm, our realtor gave us a blanket. Hers gave her a penis mold. The mold is actually for us to use for her husband's birthday this Saturday. We're leaving the kids with my mom (don't ask. We're feeding them, getting them ready for bed, and then all she has to do is send them to bed. I figure she can handle just BEING there while they sleep. She does still remember how to dial 911) and partying all night over at Brett and Ang's. I just can't wait. It's been a while since we've had one of the all-nighter, all-adult, crazy parties that make you feel young again. Until in the morning, when you realize that you aren't as young as you used to be and where in the hell did my shoes go?????

Summer camp for the kiddoes tomorrow, then we'll try to do a make-up class in Tae Kwon Do. I finally got down the Chon-Ji form after some practice today, and got in some good roundhouse kicks. The boys are just NOT going to advance at the same pace, despite my dream of us doing this 'together'. Oh well. Friday is 'rest up' day. Saturday is party, party, party.

I'm sure I will post pictures and stories on Sunday.

For now, work, work, work, Sudoku, Sudoku, Sudoku, sleep somewhere in there, and make sure my kids are fed and happy.
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