trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Ah, sweet exercise

TKD was awesome last night! It felt good to get back into things. I got to learn our first form, Chon-Ji, and a roundhouse kick. I can see this being the point where the boys and I begin to take different paths. While I was learning Chon-Ji, Michael and Matthew had to go over to another group to work on improving their nine-step block. They know the first 5 steps very well, but still need correcting sometimes. I don't think they will move them on to the Chon-Ji until they have that down.

I found a shirt I want, but perhaps not in this Cafe Press order. It basically says 'Tae Kwon Do - Real Women can break more than just a nail'. I might just have to splurge and add it to my already expansive order.
Tags: tae kwon do
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