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Get a load of those cans!

Ok, height of embarrassment today. I went to my arthritis doctor because I had run out of medicine and my back had gotten pretty doggone bad. He said that it shouldn't hurt as bad as it does just because I ran out of medicine, and there must be some other factor causing me lower back pain. He told me to increase the number of days I was working out. Then he said "Ummmm, there really isn't a good way for a male doctor to say this to a female patient."

"You're a little...heavy on top. That could be making your back problems even worse. I've got something I would like for you to do and see if it improves things."

Then he sent me to a custom foundation expert. Yes, I got fitted for new custom bras. WooHoo. Yes, $140 later, you too can have a grand total of 4 bras that fit perfectly when you are large and between sizes.

The fitter was this ancient Romanian woman. VERY no nonsense. She basically took me to a room and told me 'Remove shirt', 'face mirror', 'lean over'. I mean, she could only have been more personal if she had been doing strip searches in a women's prison (which makes me wonder where she got her training). The only time I've been 'handled' like this was with lactation consultants after the boys were born.

Well, we'll see if 'proper support' will make a difference.

I just can't believe that my doctor basically told me 'Your boobs are too big'
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