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Why, oh why?

I don't get it. Last Thursday, I got one side of my back fried (my happy little term for severing and burning the nerves). They bruised both hands horribly trying to do an IV, but I didn't have much pain in my back, just a little soreness which faded over the next 1-2 days.

This morning, I went in to get the rest of my back done. I was ok for a few hours after getting home. I'm taking my pain pills same as last time. However, I am so friggin' sore through my tailbone that I can't stand it.

Enough bitching. It's not even 9:30 pm and I'm going back to bed.


I get my washer and dryer sometime between 8 and 12 tomorrow morning.


At 5 tomorrow, we get our first 'guest dog' - a miniature Schnauzer named Frazier. He's old, and going blind and deaf, but supposed to be incredibly sweet and great with kids and other dogs. I can't wait to meet him. We'll be his host family through Sunday afternoon.

I'll have to take pictures of all of our guest dogs and make a series of posts about the experience.


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Jul. 7th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC)
(((HUGS))) Hope you feel better soon!
Jul. 8th, 2006 12:49 am (UTC)
My sympathies on the back pain. I hope it improves!

Yay washer and dryer delivery!

Your guest dog sounds like a dapper chap. (:
Jul. 10th, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
Off Topic
I loved the avatar in your ADD parents post but had a craving to rework it a bit. Here it is, if you want. Didn't want to step on your toes!
Did you make it originally?

Jul. 11th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
Re: Off Topic
Goodness no. I'm an icon thief. :) It is much more readable the way you have it. Thanks! I had a couple of ADD/ADHD icons I had found somewhere, so I'll have to dig them up.
( 4 thoughts — Whatcha' think? )