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Shoot me now

I never thought it would happen. However, I guess I should be comforted that marketing really does work.

The boys and I went to Chuck E. Cheese's tonight for a few hours with Brett, Ang, Trini and Kayln. Today is Kayln's fourth birthday, so they all got to eat pizza and play for a while. Her 'real' party is Saturday, but we needed to do something for her on that day.

After leaving (at an hour and a half past their bedtime. Bad mommy.) we ran next door to Target to buy two outfits for Kayln to give her at her party. It was so fun to shop for a little girl! I again realized just how 'metrosexual' Michael is. He kept putting outfits together for her, and they were actually color coordinated. He also found some 'diamonds' (those little rhinestones you can 'bling' your phone or whatever with) that he wanted to get for Trini (Kayln's older sister who is 7). When I said it wasn't her birthday, he said 'Can I pretend she is my sister and I just want to get her a present?. Little sneak. How do you say no to something that nice?

Anyway, I got the two outfits, and wanted to go look back in the garden shop for a minute. On the way to the checkouts, we had to pass by the music section.

Next thing I know, BOTH of my kids are yelling for 'Kidz Bop 9'. By name. They saw it and knew it was Kidz Bop 9. I gave in, because I figure at least it is popular music. Maybe I can get past some of my favorite songs being cleaned up and sung by a group of pre-teens. We'll see.

It's got to be better than traditional 'kids' music, right? I mean, if I hear 'Silly Songs with Larry' one more time I might toss it from the car and be ticketed for littering.



Jul. 6th, 2006 10:49 pm (UTC)
Re kids' music, check out (sm)all ages (smallages). It helped me wean Laurel off the *grumble* Wiggles and into more mutually agreeable music.

I'd be happy to burn you some of Clea's older shared tracks -- I've been regularly downloading her (sm)all ages recommendations for a couple of months.