trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

I can't wait to do laundry!

Remember how excited I was over my Oreck Orbiter? Well, today the planets finally aligned with Home Depot having 10% off their appliances, 12 months same as cash AND free delivery and haul-away. Anything additional we bought today would also be 10% off, 12 months same as cash, since I am the daughter of a WWII veteran.

I got a new washer and dryer which will be delivered on Friday!!!!

I got the Maytag Neptune High efficiency, 3.81 cubic ft washer and the Maytag Neptune 7.3 cubic ft dryer. I didn't get the pedestals, because we have shelves in the laundry room that wouldn't allow room for it. I'm just so excited! This is REALLY going to cut down on the amount of laundry loads I have to do (currently it seems like about 10-15) because we have an almost 12 year old top-load washer.

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