trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Sometimes I wonder about the effects of all of these medications. I had the strangest dream last night, and, as usual, it makes NO SENSE in the morning. Here is what I remember about it:

- For some reason, I was part of some sort of social experiment, 'undercover' in an Orlando, FL prison.

- I had my cell phone hidden in a pocket and kept calling to talk to Paris Hilton. We had met at some sort of camp.

- Several of us had been 'punished' and sent to clean the men's restroom, which had white trough urinals and yellow walls. As we started cleaning, I realized that the whole thing was originally white! EEWWW! I got obsessive about cleaning and was sure I was going to do the best job they had ever seen on cleaning this bathroom and it would be spotless white!

- For some reason, we were also outdoors at some point, at someone's house (I was also keeping in touch with Paris here), and ran into some activist who told us that this was once the shoreline, and that next time there was a large storm the house would be underwater and how horrible it was that they were destroying the shoreline. I don't remember seeing water ANYWHERE near this place. More activists came up and then the guards came to take me back to prison.

Those are the highlights I can remember. That is TOTALLY strange.
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