trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Great day

We are now the 'Howard Clan of Yellow Belts'! All three of us passed our Yellow belt exam in front of the Black Belt board tonight. Michael and Matthew had notes on things they need to improve on, but they are FIVE. For five year old boys they did GREAT. I was so proud of them, and most of all, they were proud of themselves. The rest of the test board laughed when the boys got their certificates and Matthew yelled 'WOW! I got a gold medal!'

Matthew was surprisingly much better and more focused than Michael. His ADHD medicine must be REALLY working, and he must really like Tae Kwon Do, if he is remembering everything and performing this well. Usually it is the other way around, so I'm glad to see something where Matthew does better than Michael for once.

As for me, I finally broke through my quietness and yelled like I am supposed to. They told me to work more on looking mean. *laugh* My kicks were high, and with pretty good form, so I guess my work paid off. I have to admit I'm enjoying Tae Kwon Do! The self-defense stuff is just the coolest. To know how to handle yourself in the different situations and holds is actually very practical for a female to know.

I'm off to put my mini-yellow-belts to bed now. They've had a long day, but with the ice cream they were promised afterwards if they passed, they might not see sleep for a little while.
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