trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Fear me now

Ok, I have not slept in...umm...let's see. I woke up Monday morning around 6:30....uhhh...Yeah, fuck it. I can't figure out how long I've been up now.

Anyway, I had a GREAT time at Tae Kwon Do tonight! The warmups almost killed my back, but I thought ahead and took pain killers before going. I really enjoyed it once we got into it. I knew more of it than I thought, from trying to help Michael and Matthew practice over the last month. They are due for their first belt test next Tuesday, and the school said they want to see me try the pre-test with them that day to see if I can test that night as well! One lesson and I could go up a belt? *laugh* That's right - I rock.

The funniest thing was the instructor (1st level blackbelt), who is a good foot shorter than me, trying to teach me the defense if someone grabs your head by the hair. Basically, you grab both hands on top of theirs and HOLD their hand on there, so they are trapped, take a step backwards which puts them off balance, then kick forward with the leg you stepped back on. Ok, I have LONG legs. Short instructor. How in the hell am I supposed to actually kick WITHOUT touching the instructor in this move? I looked like a dork because my leg was bent practically in half trying not to touch her.

I did learn a lot tonight though. This class is very different from the 'kids' class that the boys were in prior to tonight. They really do get into the whys and hows, such as sitting cross-legged, in a learning environment, you always sit with your left leg out. The right is seen as strength, and the left as more of an open side. It means you are ready to accept knowledge, without any resistance. I also learned the first four moves in the final form we all have to know in order to test next week. We only have to know the first five moves, even though it is a nine move form. We've already got the star block down - my boys will actually walk you through it making the calls. They just need to REALLY work on their stances and telling left from right.

Did anyone other than rexs_wife understand ANY of that? *laugh*

I was very impressed, though, to see the boys in this mixed adult/over 5 class. I was worried because they seemed so out of control with the other kids. I think the other kids were pulling them into that behavior. They did wander a bit tonight, but were fairly well behaved and focused. They even sat still and crossed properly to watch an entire sparring match for a girl who was going for her red belt.

*sigh* Will sleep find me tonight, or am I doomed to another night of programming things into the TIVO, playing Nethack, doing Sudoku puzzles, and watching random music videos on MTV and wondering who in the hell the people on the screen are because I have never heard of them.

(People who have known me for a while will recognize the difference between my regular writing style and the 90-miles-an-hour free flow that is my insomnia writing style. Those people should be ashamed that they don't have anything better to do. Yes, genebob, I mean you!)

Sudoku is calling my name. Oh! I've been wanting it for a while, but I finally got the Happy Bunny does Sudoku book. Yes, they cashed in on the Sudoku craze, too. I do loves me some Happy Bunny! I also found Sudoku for the kids. Gotta start 'em young. It's Scooby-Doo, and it's only like a four by four grid, with four squares in each quadrant. They are pictures of the gang, and there are stickers for them to put where they should go. The stickers are easily removed, to correct mistakes. I can't believe I'm trying to suck two five-year-olds into my addiction.

Need to go rip some hairs out of my legs with an epilator, but I'm afraid that would make me even more awake. Maybe tomorrow.

I also really should shower after wearing that damn winter Gi and sweating, but it can wait until tomorrow too.

Shit. Our Gi are sitting wet in the washing machine. Gotta motor.

BTW - doesn't that icon drive you MAD??? *laugh* It's how I feel right now.
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