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Friends quiz

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1) Could you see casio_casanova and lophiwtydsdb together? Actually, kind of
2) How long would tall_driver dating lcburbgirl last? Until his wife found out
3) One thing you can't stand about casio_casanova? Nothing that comes to mind
4) Is phenway a high school student? At one time, sure
5) If sweet_pea7482 and fritzling were spliced together, what would be its name? sweet_pain
6) What mental disorder does angelicanimal remind you of? borderline ;)
7) Have you flirted with tall_driver? No
8) Does jost know fritzling? No
9) If sweet_pea7482 and jillykillroy were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the elbow
10) What is rexs_wife's favorite color? Blue. No, yellow! ARGH!!!!!
11) If jillykillroy commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? EVERYONE, damn it!
12) How would willowredwolfe kill standbackstevie? Take out Auburn's quarterback
13) Which president would debgirl001 be likely to idolize? JFK
14) Would you ever date fritzling? My husband might object, so our love must remain hidden
15) Would fritzling go out with darkjenna? Wait! I thought he was mine!
16) Is morzsa related to bamagaijin? They are both humans
17) What languages does ditz_35801 speak? Blonde!
18) What comic book character would naught be? The Tick
19) Are tall_driver and nefri going steady? No.
20) Do you think livemerlyn is hot? Oh, absolutely. Especially when he gets his groove on to disco. Look out! :)
21) Is jost a college student? Not anymore, although he still can't seem to LEAVE
22) What video game does divamanda23 remind you of? Ms. Pac-Man
23) Would you set up elbobo and desertmommy? Not if they wanted to live very long
24) What flavor of jello would kodakrome be? Banana-Rama
25) How tall is fritzling? Tall enough
26) Do livemerlyn and elbobo go to the same school? Nooooo.....
27) Is rexs_wife popular? Sure!
28) Is divamanda23 introverted or extroverted? I think a bit introverted probably
29) Are casio_casanova and lcburbgirl going out? Boy, he gets around, doesn't he?
30) How many monkeys could morzsa fight at once and win against? 3.
31) Where was genebob born? He was born a poor black man in Mississippi
32) What is parab0lic's favorite movie? Ummm, Repo Man?
33) Thoughts on divamanda23? Interesting outlook on life
34) Where was standbackstevie born? Doesn't matter. She went to school at Auburn.
35) Does oddharmonic drink? What doesn't she? ;) (JK)
36) Is publius_ovidius dead sexy? Oh, yeah! Get in my belly!!!!
37) Has semantique dyed their hair? Their hair? Ummm....whose?
38) Which of your friends should semantique go out with? Her husband, I'm sure
39) Is georgiaskydiver your best friend? Oh, you betcha. BFF
40) Would you wrestle afromunkee in jello? In a heartbeat. I'd kick his ass *laugh*

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