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Ok, my stomach isn't turning as often as it was when I first got up, so I thought I might try to post :)

Last night was a great deal of fun. Gene-bob and I went out to eat at a small Thai restaurant near his house. Yummy, and gave me a good base for tequilla. We met Mike and others in line at Trees and were fortunate enough to find space at the front of a small balcony off to the right side of the stage. We had a clear view of the band and were fairly close. I got a few margaritas in me as the opening bands came on.

The first band, Common Rotation was a very pleasant surprise. They were funny and played very well. I ended up buying several of their CDs. The second 'band', Corn Mo, was not near as pleasant. Thankfully, it was all very short.

I had a great time, and TMBG did wonderfully. I got to dance, SING (thanks, Gene), and got some good photos and video. Most of the TMBG video is of songs from the kids album, No!, because I recorded my kids' favorites for them. I hope you enjoy! I've put them, unsorted, on my web site, but you can probably figure out from the name what is what.

TMBG Concert photos and video
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