trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Isn't it Friday YET?

I cleaned two of the worst patches of our carpet and they look GREAT! I also used the Orbiter to mop/buff the kitchen tile and it looks fabulously sparkling. I really like this machine. It makes you feel powerful *laugh*


Have I mentioned lately how great my boys are? They are in their room playing so nicely now, listening to music on the radio. I am so glad that I chose to only put them into summer camp three days a week. I'm enjoying the extra time with them around.


I spent a while this afternoon doing the monthly deep cleaning of the reptile cages. They always look so nice right afterwards, and you would almost swear the animals are happy with a clean cage too. They run around and explore the new layout, climb around my hands, come up to the top to see me.


Michael and Matthew have been 'teaching' me Tae Kwon Do in preperation for my first class next week. It is so cute to watch them so serious telling me the commands and what to do with my hands. Of course, they seem to forget that I've been there watching them every class, and I help drill them on their movements. :)


Honestly, why does it feel like Friday? Is it because I want the weekend here so much? I want to sleep, I want to cook, I want to get out into the backyard, I want to play with the dogs.

Ok, I give up. I really want to clean the carpet *laugh!*


There is so much I want. I want a new washer and dryer (front load and at LEAST 3.7 capacity). I want a new mini-van. I want to finish paying off my credit card. I want August to be here so I can have a vacation. I want the UPS man to come here over and over again (I'm expecting my cricket kit, as well as ALL of the Southern Living items ordered at my party. The UPS guy should HATE HATE HATE me when that one comes around). I want to get my neurotomy and epidural so I can get out of this constant pain. I want my mom to be well. I want it to cool off so I can go rollerblading some more. I want to quit eating so much and lose some weight. I hope TKD increases my flexibility and decreases my weight. I want some friends that are closer to me - physically and geographically.

I don't want the world, I just want my share.


Ugh. Goodnight. Being up so damn early this morning has me just drooling onto the keyboard.
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