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I must only say....Oooooohhhh.

The TMBG concert was not only much anticipated, but met all expectations.

However, that was not the absolute highlight of the evening. Not even the vast amounts of tequilla and other mind-altering beverages poured by some bizarre Tom-cruise-ish blonde bartender. Discovering a band I had never heard of.

One of the opening acts was a band called 'Common Rotation'. Seems the lead singer was familiar. As of the geek squad from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Warren. Wierd to actually like the music. I ended up walking away with three CDs.

I have lots of pics, but it's late...or early in the morning. I will post them tomorrow some time, depending on the extent of my hangover.

Gene-bob - you are sworn to secrecy. You have been brought into the inner circle and have seen me dance and sign at the top of my lungs. Drunk on tequilla. And that had better have been a PICTURE you took, not video :)

More tomorrow. Must sleep.
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