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Ok, well, my husband isn't downtown working the trade show. He's home.

Sounds good, right? JUST what I wanted, right?

NOPE!!! Instead, he came home with some violent illness from Thailand (despite being vaccinated against all sorts of things). He can't go very far from the bathroom (to the point that he just didn't even both to put on pants again after a while), he has a fever, and is very cramped up. He immediately started some antibiotics they gave him for the trip, just in case he caught something, and I got him some Immodium and active culture yogurt.

God, I hope that none of the rest of us get it. Especially me, since I can't afford to not be able to take care of the kids or mom.


On a brighter note, the kids started their summer program today, and they got the best teacher in the place. They will be going on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2. Wednesday afternoons are Tae Kwon Do. This Friday, I'm picking Trini up from gymnastics and we're all going over to their house to swim again. Maybe Scott will get to go this time. He hasn't even seen the house.


Mom wanted to buy the kids something for their graduation from preschool, and since she's been saving lots of money by staying over here, we went school clothes shopping at Kohl's yesterday. They got 3 or 4 new outfits each, some new pajamas, and mom and I split it so it ended up being about $60 each. They look so cute in their new clothes, and it's great to have something other than t-shirts and ratty shorts on them. Of course, they look cute even in ratty shorts :)


Oh yeah!!! I almost forgot! My husband brought me back a great black leather purse from Thailand. Can you imagine? MY husband actually went shopping at the markets for me and bought a purse???? He also got a fridge magnet that says Thailand, since I collect magnets from locations all over the place. He even got some 'bling' for himself. What a shock! He got this really cool textured belt, black with a white stripe through the middle, which is actually Stingray skin! He also got a matching wallet. It's really neat, and I've never seen anything made out of Stingray skin. Since they were so neat, he also got one for his dad and grandfather for Father's day.

My husband, the shopper. When did this happen?
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