trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Great day

It was a great day. I made two pans of creem cheese bars and we chowed down. The kids all played nicely amongst themselves, letting Brett, Angela and I talk. While my boys are usually in their room heading to bed by 7:30, I know Michael and Trini were swimming in the pool until at least 10 pm. The kids crashed out pretty quickly after going inside, and we got to into the hot tub for a while. We ended up asleep fairly early (before midnight). Michael, Matthew and Trini were lined up on her floor in sleeping bags and it was the CUTEST thing.

This morning, we slept in (9 am is sleeping in), and the kids played. Unfortunately, the concrete sealer guys showed up SURPRISE on a Saturday. Ang and Brett were in bed, with open windows backing out to the pool. Ang rolled over to *gasp* some Mexican guy bending over out on the patio watching her sleep. Brett went out and found they were sealing the concrete, so swimming all day today was out of the question. Instead, we made strawberry pancakes and then Brett watched the kids while Ang and I did a little shopping at Kohl's.

The boys and are I back home, quite sleepy. I need to find out whether Scott is coming home tomorrow (HOPE! HOPE!). If he isn't, we'll go back over there to swim for a while. Michael and Matthew were both teary telling me how sad they were to be leaving and how much they miss Trini and Kayln.

BTW - I love sleeping in Kayln's room until they get the guest room set up. She's 3 and VERY into Princesses. Her bad has princess sheets and a pink gauze netting hanging over it. There are beaded curtains, princess mirrors, and pink walls. It's like waking up in a cotton candy explosion in the mornings, and surprisingly enjoyable. Very girly, which I don't see that much around my house.

Now, sleep. Much nappage *laugh*
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