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Where's Trish?

I haven't posted in a while - mainly because 'life' got in the way, as it does so many times. So where have I been and what's new?

- On the weekend of the 4th, we set up a pool in the backyard for the kids. They had a GREAT time, we grilled out. Michael and Matthew had a wonderful time filling buckets with water and throwing them at their mommy.

- As a result, I now have an outer ear infection - swimmer's ear. I've never had this and it has become quite a bother. I've been through a 5 day dose of Zithromax, and no improvement. The price we pay for fun!

- I went to California for a week (Santa Clara and Menlo Park) for lots of meetings. Some great things happened - some not so great things happened.

- I went to eat sushi one day with co-workers, but only had about 30 minutes. I took 2/3 of my meal and packaged it up to eat for dinner. I put it in the fridge right outside of my meeting and when I went to get it - it was GONE. Who eats strange RAW FISH? I mean REALLY????

- On my last day in Santa Clara, I looked at the clock and saw it said 5:45. Since I had set the clock for 6 am, I just went ahead and got out of bed. I packed everything up, took a shower, got dressed, did my hair and went to put on my watch before leaving the room. Now, I didn't get to bed until after 11, so I was kind of tired. I glanced at my watch when I put it on and it said 1 am. My first thought was that the watch had stopped. NO! I had DREAMED I looked at the clock and saw 5:45, but then REALLY got out of bed, packed, and got ready to leave town. I promptly took off my clothes, got back into bed and went back to sleep. I should have known how the day would go when started like that.

- I didn't get my first class upgrade. Four hours on a plane cramped like sardines. At over 6' tall, my knees were crammed into the seat in front of me. The movie was Hidalgo, which I only watched as an attempt to escape, and I forgot to bring more food. Despite all of this, it was a smooth flight and I got home safely.

- I decided to walk to my car, for excercise. We landed in terminal C, gate 32. My car was in Terminal A, gate 37. I walked 35 or so gates and the bridge between terminals and into the parking garage. I was really looking forward to stopping for something to eat on the way home. It was only 2 in the afternoon. As I pull out of my space.....THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. Yup. Totally flat tire. Someone from security walked by and said they could have transportation over within 20 minutes to help me. So I didn't call my roadside assistance, as they usually would take an hour or more. 20 minutes in almost 100 weather inside a parking garage. They showed up and said for liability reasons, they couldn't help me with a flat. I called my roadside assist, they came, and I was on the road by 5. I threw a burger down my throat and went home.

- I walked in the door, after not seeing my precious boys for 5 full days. Michael runs up to me screaming "Mommy! Mommy!". My heart swelled with joy. Then he says 'You got any food?'. "Ummm, no" 'Oh.'. Then he runs back into the living room. Matthew had just gotten up from a nap, so he wasn't in any mood to look at another living being.

- Two hours later, with my mother watching the boys, Scott and I got to go out for a fabulous dinner and drinks to celebrate the birthday of two friends. We had way too much to drink, watched a local band - One Bad Habit - and wrapped up our hectic week. Scott is still crashed out in bed.

So, my plans for today? I have to go get new tires for the car. There was a big roofing nail in the one that was flat, so I may as well get new ones on both sides.

Tonight - TMBG at the Gypsy Tea Room!!!!! I can't wait. Gene-Bob, Jill-Bob, Mike and the wife, Gary and others will be meeting for a fun-filled night.

Oh yeah, and to top it all off, I finally got City of Heroes. I came home looking to play to find out Scott had torn up my computer, so I won't be able to play it for a few days. I tried it on my laptop, and everything runs but the characters are just black outlines. Doesn't make for very interesting play. I suppose I'll have to wait it out.
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