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I am an A/V GODDESS!!!! Our older than God receiver finally bit the dust. We bought it about 7 or 8 years ago USED from a friend who had it for years before that. For the past month or so, the receiver would overheat and shut off. Usually if you let it cool off for an hour or so it would come back on. This morning, it went off and stayed off.

I went and pulled an old receiver from upstairs that Scott was just using for stereo. We have a Dennon that needs a small repair, and eventually, I can use that. For now, this one will have to do. I'm absolutely amazed that I got it working within 15 minutes! The problem is with these super-special gold speaker wires he has set up. The special ends were too big for the replacement receiver. I finally found some other tips that I could slip over the end and make enough of a connection to get them working. I've got my system back!


I haven't posted in a while because I wasn't sure what to say. Mom's kidney function has consistently gone down, so we have to go to a nephrologist. Her regular doctor wants her to go to an oncologist, even though the GI doctor said they got all of the cancer and doesn't want to see her for a year. We go see the oncologist next week. We also have a chest and head CT scan. I guess they are going to see what else they can dig up!

I found out that my mom had been lying to me, so I moved her back in. I spoke with her last Friday and she said everything was fine. The nurse called me later and disagreed. She said mom had been dizzy, losing her balance, and her blood sugar was out of whack. I finally got out of mom that her blood sugar that morning was 47. Later that night, she admitted that she had seizures that night. ARGH! She frustrates me to NO END!!!!!

She said she didn't want to 'bother' me.


The boys are now officially no longer pre-schoolers. They are now kindergartners. The graduation ceremony was so cute! I haven't gotten the video uploaded yet, but I will. The kids all had little mortar boards, and got diplomas. Now, they are home until June 5, when they start their summer gymnastics program.


Oh, I LOVE my new phone. Sony Ericsoon W600i. I now have it playing 'Existential Blues' when someone calls. It takes awesome pictures. You can get 1280X1024 and they look pretty dang good. See the below action shot in the backyard (Not MY backyard. Ang's. I WISH it were my backyard!)

The games are cool. I. Love. It.


Three day weekend. Whee. Maybe I can get away for a while to get a massage. I'm stressed and depressed. I miss my husband. Thank goodness for Skype and 11 cents a minute to Thailand.

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