trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Is it Friday yet?

Why? Why? Why? I feel like that 'woe is me' girl today, but just damn.

- Scott left early this morning for Thailand again. He doesn't get back until like June 4th or somewhere around there.

- I'm trying to figure out when I can have my neurotomy on my back again. My doctor says anytime I want, but just WHEN can I be out of commission for 2 days?

- Until everything is 'back to normal', we can't even think about doing anything about my hormones. So it's situational 'abnormal' around me.

- I talked to my mom this morning. She told me how good things were, and that she had one odd blood sugar reading, but since then it's been good. Said the nurse had been there this morning to take blood for tests. She said everything was going well. Then about an hour later, the nurse called me. She said she had debated whether or not she should. She tells me that when she went over this morning, my mother had lost 5 more pounds since last week, was incredibly dizzy all of the time, and kept worrying about falling down. My mom didn't want me to know, because she was afraid I would make her come back over here. When I called to confront her about it, she admitted everything and told me she didn't want me to 'worry'. Said that on mother's day I looked tired and like I didn't feel well, so she didn't want me to have to take care of her. What the hell? Anyway, we're picking her back up tomorrow and bringing her back here.

There is good though. Saturday night, the boys and I are going over to Brett and Ang's new house and staying the night. I'm sure there will be much drinking, many games, and LOTS of screaming, running kids. *laugh* Again, I really need the relief.

I can't believe the kids are done with pre-school next week.

I guess this just isn't my day. I also started my period. What a topper for the day.
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