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Third time's the charm

I feel compelled to write about my couch. See, I LOVE my couch
and love seat. I got them for our first anniversary from my husband. (I ASKED for them. He didn't just think "WOW! Nothing says I'm glad I married you like furniture!"). Being the young, married yuppie couple with no kids that we were, we went out and found this beautiful overstuffed white couch and loveseat set. Yes, I said WHITE. That was about nine years ago.

Over four years ago, we got two puppies. The furniture survived.

Over three years ago, we got two sons. The furniture got dark blue slipcovers. I even sewed covers for the pillows that matched the slipcovers. Call me Martha Howard, only with less money to invest.

The kids are a bit more responsible now - at least they don't have uncontrollable vomiting that often (goodBYE reflux!). When I went to take the covers off to wash them this last time, I realized there were still spills happening, we just weren't able to tell at the time they occured so they just SAT there a while. I made the decision to rip off the slipcovers and pillowcovers and go back to my wonderful white couch.

It's so much more comfortable this way. It doesn't look THAT bad. But I have to pay someone to come clean it. Let me explain...I can remove the cushion covers and wash them in the machine. They come back out nice and white. The rest of the couch can't be cleaned so easily. It's sort of an.....OFF white. We now have REALLY bright white cushions on a, basically, yellow couch.

God help me Dalworth. You will be seeing me soon.