trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Baseball dreams

My son Michael, who just turned 5 on the 13th, seems to now think he's going to play baseball. Having never really picked up a bat, we've been easing him into it in the backyard. At first, soft bat, soft nerf balls, and amazingly, he's pretty good. Left-hander. Who would have guessed?

So, being the psycho mom I am, I found a cheap pitching machine for him. It says ages 6 and up, but hey - he's a big kid! *laugh*

Ok, now the truth. Being the LAZY mom I am, I got tired of standing out in the backyard pitching to him. :)

Anyway, today we set up the machine. My husband stood outside to watch, because he wanted to see Michael's reaction. First ball comes out slow and low - the instructions say it probably will. Second ball comes out - ZING! 10 seconds later - ZING! 8 balls repeatedly being flinged high speed at him. He didn't know where to stand, so he got hit by about half of them. The only hit he got was with his wrist.

I was trying not to laugh, turned around and my husband has his hands over his face because he's laughing uncontrollably. I should have had him videotaping this!!!!

For the lazy mom who wanted to get out of pitching, I ended up on the other end of my own plan. I just spent a half hour hitting balls as my son refilled it each time.
Tags: kids
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