trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Weekends are for...NOTHING

The kids actually let us sleep in until 9. They were playing, but they didn't call for us or anything. What wonderful boys :)

Ok, I have a confession to make. Matthew has been having really bad side-effects on the Adderall for his ADHD. It was like he was going to have a psychotic break. He would be up multiple times during the night with vivid nightmares, and last night he finally went bonkers and was crying out in the hallway, babbling nonsense. I rocked him for an hour and tried to talk him through it. He wouldn't have ANY of it, so I gave him some phenergen and he was out for the night. :) But not before videotaping his rambling.

Bad mommy. I got to sleep, though.

Yesterday, we met with Matthew's psychiatrist again, and talked about the side effects. He's lost 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks, has no appetite, starts non-stop chatter when it wears off, rolls his eyes while talking, and has the nightmares. He took him off the Adderall and put him on a new drug called Focalin. It's supposed to have the isomer from Ritalin that helps ADHD, but not the other one. The theory is that it causes less side effects, and helps the ADHD with only half the dose of Ritalin. We'll see if it works. He got his first small dose this morning, and in two days, he gets two pills, and if not better after 2 or 3 more days, he goes up to 3. I hope it works for him, because it rips your heart out to see your child talking like he's crazy.


This afternoon, we all showered and went to Boca de Beppo to eat lunch. We ordered a TON of food so we could have lots to take home, drank a bit, and split a large desert. Afterwards, we picked up some meds for my mom and went to her apartment. We took out trash, Scott and the boys played on the playground while I managed mom's meds for the week, I got dad's discharge papers and I flushed a bunch of old medicine I found. (Who knew? Nexium floats. Everything else sunk and then STUCK to the bottom of the toilet.) Anyway, I'm going to pick her up Monday and we'll have a little talk about her diagnosis.


I wish it would decide to rain or clear up outside. I so want to go out into the backyard for a while.

I'm not planning on doing ANYTHING tomorrow. I'm sleeping in, and calling it Pajama day.
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