trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

*le sigh*

Lonely. I am so lonely. (Sorry, keep slipping into that Chipmunk-style Akon version of the song)

Scott got home last night after midnight. I was already asleep. I've been looking forward to having him home for two weeks straight after his two weeks in Thailand, then one week in Washington State. First thing he asks this morning? 'Ready for the bad news?'. That's right. He will NOT be home much at all.

- He will be gone to Portland Wednesday through Friday of next week (May 3-5)

- The following week, he WILL be here and sleeping in my bed, but I won't see much of him outside of that. He goes downtown Sunday to set up for a trade show, then will be downtown each day most of the day. (May 7-12)

- Then, he goes to Thailand for two weeks (May 17 - June 3)

We don't know his travel schedule after that.


I have a serious headache


Hopefully, since Scott IS home this weekend, I can go out a lot by myself to get away. I let mom go home for the weekend, with me checking on her regularly. It will give her some sense of freedom and happiness before we tell her about the cancer next week. It also gives my family a break since she's been here a couple of months.

This also means I might actually get to go do some inline skating this weekend, possibly over at jillions. YAY!


They yanked my favorite flavored water from the market. It was by Aquafina and was a calcium enriched, fruit-flavored water. When they started getting rid of it, they marked them all down to about 25 cents a bottle, and I bought ALL of them. I've run out now and am on the search for a replacement. I've tried some NASTY waters in this quest. I think I've finally found the winner - even though it costs a bit more. Propel Calcium Fitness Water. Most of the flavors are REALLY good, which is a positive. It's made by Gatorade and thus expensive, which is a negative. But if it gets more water in me, I'm willing to part with it. Much better than drinking five gallons of diet sodas.
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