trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Happy Birthday to John!

Well, it isn't TOTALLY pictures from John's birthday party on Saturday, but that is the majority. John and Janet live a few blocks from us, and we went over Saturday afternoon to celebrate his 40th. The boys went out and played ping pong in the garage, drinking plenty of beer. The girls hung out listening to music and drank lots of wine. I mean LOTS. Our friends Shannon and Brian were in from Germany after being gone for over a year. Shannon and
I were drinking Riesling while talking, and realized the whole bottle was gone. When we complained about it being the only bottle, we ended up with FOUR MORE. We didn't drink all of that (although we gave it the old college try). Later, everyone that felt up to it went out to the hot tub. YAY for impromptu parties!

Pictures are here, but unfiled
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