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Am I a redneck?

So, I got it from georgiaskydiver, who got a 62, and having grown up in Alabama, I figured I would score pretty high, too.

Alas, I'm not a real country music fan, only listening to some of the classics and a handful of newer things. That made my score much lower. But only by 10 points or so *laugh*

[1] I know who the Bellamy Brothers are.

[ ] I own 3 or more Hank Williams Jr. CDs (No, but I do have some on my iPod)

[ ] I dip or did once

[ ] I dip Copenhagen or Skoal

[2] I can name more than 3 breeds of horses

[ ] I can name more than 3 breeds of pigs

[3]I can name more than 3 breeds of cows

[ ] I can sing almost any Garth Brooks song you can name

[ ] I know who Chris Ledoux is and what he did at rodeos

[ ] I can tell you what N.A.S.C.A.R. stands for

[ ] I could tell you every thing on a Jack Daniels bottle from memory

[4] I know what kind of horses pull the Budweiser buggy

[ ] I can name all the states that were in the Confederacy

[ ] I know how many stars are on a Confederate/rebel flag

[5] 8,24,17,88,3,20,48 aren't just any numbers

[6] I have spent more than $60 on alcohol at one time

[ ] I drive a 4X4

[ ] I have a four wheeler with racks on it

[7] I can sing every line of "Country Boy Can Survive"

[8] I play guitar (rather poorly)

[9] I own an acoustic guitar

[ ] I drive a diesel truck and have actually pulled something with it

[10] I have killed something and eaten it

[ ] I have sat 15' up in a tree for 3 hours not moving in weather below 50 degrees

[11] I can shoot a bow

[ ] I own more than 3 Dixie Outfitter Shirts

[12] I own wranglers

[ ] I can wear boots everyday all day

[ ] I can do the "Watermelon Crawl"

[13]I have seen the "Dukes of Hazzard" The T.V. show not the movie

[14] I have invented my own alcoholic beverage

[15] I know what moonshine is

[ ] I have a deer on the wall somewhere in my house

[16] I can tell the difference between a catfish & a mudfish

[ ] I have changed my own oil (But I can check my own oil, change my own tires, switch out my own battery...)

[ ] I can name 5 or more Alan Jackson songs

[17] I have lived or worked on a farm or ranch

[18] I have touched a cow

[ ] I have a lift on my vehicle

[ ] I can tell the deference between a Superswamper and a Buckshot Tire

[ ] I have shot a shot-gun

[ ] I think all deer are cute like Bambi

[ ] I own a John Deere tractor. (T-shirts don't count.)

[19] I have fished all day

[20] I Have ridden on a airboat

[21] I can quote Larry-The-Cable-Guy for more than 5 minutes

[22] I can flip a beer cap more than 15 feet

[23] I have actually gotten mud on the tires

[24] I have been to an actual mudhole or mud bogging event

[25] I have gotten so stuck i couldn't open the doors

[ ] I wear (or own) a belt with a big buckle

[ ] I have ridden a bull/cow

[26] I have been to a rodeo

[27] I wear camouflauge (isn't ROTC required in some Southern schools?)

[ ] I can tell the difference between Mossy Oak Break-Up and Realtree

[28] I own over 5 beer coozies

[ ] I have been in a tree stand

[ ] I can use a turkey call

[29] I can tell the difference between Budweiser, Bud Light, and Budweiser Select labels at 30 yards.

[ ] I have pulled somebody out of the mud

[30] I have worn a hat all day

[ ] I have slept with my boots on

[ ] I think my cousin is sexy

[ ] I can play the banjo

[ ] I can name 3 or more country radio stations.

[31] I have bought my breakfast from a gas station

[ ] I can name all the parts of a cow stomach

[32] I have used an aerosol can in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

[33] I like the smell of WD-40

[34] I know that Duct-Tape is actually Duct-Tape not "Duck-Tape"

[35] I have done my own mechanic work on a vehicle

[ ] I have 3 or more manufaturerotors in my yard

[ ] I have 3 or more junk vehicles that are all the same

[36] I have put 2 or more vehicles together to make one (Well, I helped a friend with it)

[ ] I own a "Mud Truck"

[37] There is a confederate/rebel flag on display somewhere in my home.

[ ] I live at home in a trailer house

[38] I like redneck boys/girls

[39] I have shot an animal

[ ] I have rode a fourwheeler more than 20 miles in one day

[40] I have eluded and evaded the cops

[41] I used illegal fireworks

[ ] I have made my own fireworks

[ ] I have owned more than 5 dogs at a time

[42] I can speak fluently on a CB radio

[43] I have a relative that drives a semi for a living

[44] I have been to a NASCAR Race

[45] The only "Kings" I know are Richard Petty and Elvis

[46] I have gigged a frog

[47] I know what frog gigging is

[ ] I have opened a beer with my teeth

[ ] I have been in a drunken fight with one of my best friends

[48] I know how many cigarettes are in a pack of Marlboros

[49] I know who David Allen Coe is

[50] I can be with a woman/man who gets drunker than me

[ ] Have a kitchen appliance on the outside of my house

[51] I have sung along to Free Bird

[ ] I can spit farther than 5 feet


( 2 thoughts — Whatcha' think? )
Apr. 25th, 2006 02:52 pm (UTC)
i think i may be a redneck.. *cough
Apr. 25th, 2006 03:06 pm (UTC)
It stings, doesn't it?
( 2 thoughts — Whatcha' think? )