trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


These new (used) rollerblades ROCK! They fit like a glove, roll easily (so I can finally coast instead of working to go downhill), and are so much fun. Problem? No stopper. I never fell, but I did bail into the grass once going down a fairly large hill. We have a seven acre park across the street from our house, which has a playground, and a winding walkway all the way around it. My mom sat on a bench watching the kids play - they both only skated on their skate-shoes for a few minutes before they decided they wanted to go play - while I made about 5 circuits around the park. I feel great, all sweaty, and now I need to go take a shower. Whew!

jillions, when do you want to go rollerblading? I can come out there, or you can come over here. Either way.
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