trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Hooray for garage sales!

The neighborhood next to ours had a big garage sale today, with about 40 houses taking part.

We SCORED!!!!!

I spent about $10. Here is what we got:

- 2 t-shirts for me (Frisco sports shirts)
- 2 t-shirts for the boys
- 2 1000 piece puzzles and one 750 piece puzzle
- The game Operation
- Twister
- A pair of roller shoes in the boys size ($2)
- A pair of roller blades in men's 10 1/2 NARROW ($2!!!!!!!!!!!)

Let me explain about the rollerblades (jillions already knows this one). Since the boys got rollerblades, I bought a cheap pair of rollerblades at Wal-Mart. The 10s were too small, and the 11s were the right length. These are MEN'S because - well, nobody carries women's 11 or 12. I'm a freak *laugh*. I got the 11s, but when we went out rollerblading, I found that they were so wide that my feet slid around enough to give me a TON of blisters.

I was ready to go out and spend lots of money to get a pair that fit me, but had been having trouble finding something in my size (of course).

Imagine my surprise to see these at a garage sale, in 10 1/2, and they looked narrower than what I have. I talked to him about them, and he ordered them narrow, and bought some for his wife at the same time. She only used hers once, so when his wheels wore out, he put hers on there. So, the wheels are in good shape on these. They need to be cleaned up a bit, but the look and feel great on.

Successful Saturday!

Of course, after having such a 'thrifty' morning, Scott has informed us that we are going out to the bookstore, then to eat as a family, then to the pet store. There goes any money I saved today. I can't resist books.
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