trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Oh where, oh where has my lizard gone?

The other day, I realized I hadn't seen one of my anoles in a couple of days. They hide in the 'jungle' environment quite well so it isn't surprising to not see them for long periods of time. Yesterday, here comes Frack! He had probably been out a couple of days, hanging out in the curtains getting some sun, but now he was HUNGRY! He ate quite well when I placed him back inside. However, the short time away seems to have given Frick some sort of dominance within the cage. It took a while for them to work out territory again. All is well now, and they both ate great today with crickets and a wax worm treat.

I need to hand feed the cresteds tonight to make sure they are both eating well. I got some super mealworms they might be interested in, and I'll give a waxworm treat. I also bought more fruit for them at the store yesterday. When I went to stock up on food for all of them, the Petco had the CUTEST baby crested. Mine are somewhat grown, so this little guy was such a surprise. Wish I could take him on, but I don't have an available cage. He was MAYBE the size of a quarter!!!! I couldn't stop staring at him!

As for the other cage of my reptile family, Bruno is a porker as always. He took some mealworms from my hands, ate a few crickets, and got one waxworm. He even caught my finger accidentally in his feeding frenzy. Thank goodness leopard geckos don't hurt when they bite :) Maude needs to gain weight, so I gaver her an extra waxworm (high fat content). I made the mistake of buying what I thought was a cool fake hollow cactus on its side. Problem is, the 'base' is hollow as well. Maude has decided it is the world's coolest hide and she stays down there where you can't ever see her. I'll have to switch that out next time I clean.

I've found out in two weeks they will be getting a large shipment in of painted hermit crabs, so that is when we'll go pick them out for the boys' birthday. I've got the cages all ready for them and hidden in a closet.

I know, this is of no interest to you - but is more of a record for myself :)
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