trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Mom update

It's amazing how a few weeks of close observation can improve a person! My mother is doing so much better. She isn't as confused as she was, now that she's back on all of her meds. She is eating well, and I make her eat three meals plus snacks and monitor her blood sugar well. The Physical Terrorist gave her exercises to do twice a day, working up to 25 reps. Mostly arm and leg work, and very easy. She's been working so hard on it, and so two days ago, we actually got her on my recumbent bike and she went a mile! She did it again today. Then, surprise, surprise, she is having a much easier time getting up from sitting (doesn't depend on her arms and leaning forward so much), and her gait is very much improved. Her blood sugar is somewhat stabalized, as is her blood pressure. That at least reduced the risks of further strokes, and more degeneration of the dementia.

We're about to go stockpile blood for her surgery. I really do think that after her surgery and month in rehab, she'll be good to move back into her apartment in the senior community, with a home health nurse coming in to check on her 2-3 times a week. As long as she stays on meds, eats well, and I keep an eye on her, she might be able to regain some of her independence instead of moving into an assisted living place.

I'm so happy for her.
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