trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

American Inventor


That's it! All I need is a 'Bladder Buddy' and I never have to leave my nest again!!!!!! (well, once I implement the dorm fridge idea from georgiaskydiver's mom)

Of course, if I didn't leave my nest, like I did tonight, I wouldn't spend way too much money at a Southern Living at Home party, have yummy green champagne punch, actually vacuum my car's interior, or get the opportunity to make a little extra cash being a host family for my neighbor's Pet sitting business. I can't wait until I get all of my stuff from the party!!!! A door hanger, a metal flower canister to hang from it on the front door, a flower vase, a votive centerpiece, a dress-me-up plate stand (for my mom. I got her the plate a couple of years back), and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I'll be surprised when it arrives *laugh*

Would either of my 'new' Dallas-area friends be interested in coming to a party in Plano on June 1? I'm hosting my own Southern Living at Home party. There will be free drinks and door prizes!!!! (*ahem* and I can get even MORE stuff) *evil grin*

Outside of that, it was great to see Colleen tonight (lower left corner of the icon). I miss having her next door where I could see her every day. Ang (other girl in icon) was in Vegas, and I couldn't leave on my hubby's B-day last night to play Bunco with her, so it wasn't complete.

Everyone needs girlfriends around to be silly with, drink with, dance with, and confide in. I wish I had more, or that some of the special ones were closer to me.

(I shouldn't have reread this post to realize how disjointed it is. I sound like a lunatic. GO TO BED, TRISH!)
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