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More selectors

Ok, so I started exploring selectsmart.com out of boredom. Well, probably to avoid cleaning the house :) I had a great time and here are some of the more interesting results:

Top five Midieval Jobs for me:
- Abbot/Abbess
- Craftperson
- Druid
- Bard
- Bishop

One job selector said Actress, Babysitter, Doctor, Kindergarten Teacher, Math teacher. Another (which is WAYYY off) said Vet, prostitute, teacher, drug dealer and unemployed. BTW - Computer nerd was number 6 on that list, followed by person who picks road kill up off the road. I just KNEW the two were somehow related.

For some reason, the system thinks Final Fantasy would be a good RPG for me.

What type of dog am I? Border Collie, Lab, Dobermann Pinscher, German Shepherd or Komondor.

I could go on and on, but alas, I got bored with it :)


Jun. 23rd, 2004 01:21 am (UTC)
Quintessential Libertarian? Nah. I don't fall so neatly into any political affiliation, although I do admit Libertarian (the real ones, not the anarchists) is probably closest. My Medieval jobs: 1) druid, 2) bishop, 3) nobility, 4) abbess, 5) chamberlain/chancellor, 6) knight, 7) bard. It asks you to guess your #1 result, and I nailed it. cool.
My mythological creature affiliation: 1) selkie, 2) siren, 3) knocker, 4) leprechaun, 5) banshee. {SNORT!}