trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Old friends

I was just thinking about old friends. I've been very lucky
lately with finding old friends. A month or so ago, I got in
touch with one of my best friends from high school, after
losing touch for about 15 years. We now talk several times
a week, sometimes several times a day through email. When
my girlfriends and I went to Vegas last week, I was fortunate
that one of my good friends lives there now. She was the
matron of honor for my wedding, but I haven't seen her in
about 8 years. It's incredible to see how things have
changed - she now has three kids between the ages of 9
months and 5 years. What hasn't changed is the closeness.

What I wonder is how you can be so close, and pick up where
you left off, yet let yourself fall out of touch for so long?

Maybe it's getting older, maybe it's having the kids. I have
plenty of friends, but they are a different type of friend.
These friendships don't seem to be as close. Do friendships
change as you age? Or do they change as your priorities change
when you have children or a more serious job? Or could this
be an only child thing? You aren't used to maintaining close
relationships, such as those with siblings, so you don't know
how to handle unstructured relationships.

Whatever the reason, it has been wonderful for my spirit
to talk to people I have great memories of!
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