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Got a call from the hubby tonight. See, he's been out of town all week, and he wanted to let me know exactly when he was coming in tomorrow afternoon. He also wanted to let me know that he found out he'll be going to Thailand the 19th through the 29th.

I knew the Thailand trip was coming, but DANG! Home about NINE DAYS this month???? I miss him.


I'm taking a caregiver class next weekend, to learn how to be a better advocate for my mom and what to look for in her different ailments, particularly the vascular dementia. Having not taken the course, I think I'm doing damn fine. Mom has been taking her meds all three times a day, she is actually eating healthy meals on a regular basis, testing her blood sugar three times a day (at least), and is being prepped for her surgery to come soon (the double knee replacement). I guess she'll be staying with me all month.

I haven't killed her yet. That's something.


On a brighter, yet slightly more Ooogie, note: I stepped into the shoes of a dental hygenist today for a while. Do you KNOW how much it costs to put a dog under and get its teeth cleaned? Double that. Pepper isn't so bad, but Barq's teeth were AWFUL! They were brown in the back, and her canines were brown about halfway down. I brush their teeth sometimes, but not with enough regularity. I do give them plaque prevention stuff, and things to chew. She's just got gross Cairn teeth.

Both of them are really used to me grooming them. During baths, they know which foot to raise up to be cleaned, and do it before you ask. Yeah, we have a routine you could say. They let me clean their eyes and ears. We brush them out. Barqs, on the rare year I feel like doing it, will even let me hand strip her coat. They are ok with their teeth being brushed.

While out at the store today, I saw one of the metal picks the dentist uses to remove tarter buildup from your teeth. I thought it was worth a try because they didn't cost much. I sat down with the dogs upside down in my lap and they LET ME DO THIS! I didn't get it all done, but got a good three or four teeth in Barqs, and a few more than that in Pepper CLEAN. I mean all of the brown tarter just chipped off and their teeth look great...in front. I didn't want to stress them too much, so I called it quits then. I still need to get the back of the teeth, and their rear teeth. It's really hard to get to them because as soon as you open their mouth, they start that licking/chewing thing.

I can't believe I just wrote multiple paragraphs on scraping tarter off my dogs' teeth.


Off to do Sudoku. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. Too bad I have to reschedule my therapy appointment for Monday because I have to go sit for hours and hours with my mom for a nuclear stress test.


Oh yeah, got the weed and feed done yesterday and turned the sprinklers back on. Yes, the same night it stormed. :) In a few weeks, I'm going to transplant a honeysuckle bush that has outgrown its pot and needs to go in the ground, and I want to find a few Crepe Myrtles for the backyard. I'm so glad it's gardening time again. It really relaxes me.


Both of the boys got bad notes sent home from school today. It's not like them. I wonder if they feel the stress of daddy being gone and Gamma being sick and staying with us. We try to keep things as normal as possible.


Mar. 10th, 2006 10:16 am (UTC)
you totally cracked me up: "I can't believe I just wrote multiple paragraphs on scraping tarter off my dogs' teeth." ah....still laughing.

YES, i know how much doggie dental work costs--i used to work at a beverly hills veterinary office. that's why i bought my puppy a hartz toothbrush and (eew) meat-flavored toothpaste. not that i ever use them, darn it.

i WISH my dog would let me do anything you mentioned. esp not the tartar scraping! hell no! my dog just would NOT be havin' it.
Mar. 10th, 2006 06:13 pm (UTC)
It took our girls quite a long time to get used to brushing. I don't do it often enough. They HATED the brush, so I found these little treated pads - they look almost like those round Clearasil pads? - and you just wrap it around your finger and rub that way. They got used to that. This last time, I found something that looks like a Q-tip, which has liquid inside, and you just rub with that. They didn't seem to mind that one either.

Now that they are so used to the brushing and letting me look at their teeth, short times scraping tarter off aren't too bad on them. They seem to react worse when I try to brush out the fur towards the back of their belly :)