trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Update from doctor

They called last night (what doctor calls at 8 pm on a Friday night?) to give me the information on what medications mom should be taking, the dosages, and when to take them. We're going to go get them filled today and try to start her back on the regimen. The nurse kind of pissed me off. When I asked her for ideas on what we could do to get her stable and back on her meds correctly, the nurse said if we can't afford the assisted living place that our choices were to put her in a nursing home or for her to move in with me and I would act as her nurse.

On Monday, I'm calling to get an appointment, but not with her regular doctor. With his partner. Her regular doctor was busy last week, and we saw the partner. He was very nice, asked questions, listened to answers, was concerned about the same things I was, and seemed to think mom needed some help.

Look, no matter how much she annoys me, I love my mom. However, when we're together for long, we fight. I have a husband, a job, and two soon-to-be five year old boys. When am I supposed to find the time three times a day to give medicine to my mom, take her blood sugar and blood pressure, and make sure she is safe? I know I'll do it, but I've got to find a better solution.

I stayed up most of the night researching things. I got into mom's bank account and found she is making less than she had been telling us. This is actually a GOOD thing, because it means that she might actually qualify for VA Benefits. I downloaded the paperwork, sent a request for my dad's service records, and printed out a bunch of information.

Thanks genebob for coming by last night. Just having someone around helped make me feel better.
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