trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Doctor results

After going to a specialist last week, and getting blood drawn to test several hormones (estrodiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA), my test results came back yesterday. I talked to the doctor this morning to find out what he thought.

My serum testosterone was 28. Normal range is 70-90. VERY LOW.

My free testosterone, surprisingly, was just on the low end of normal.

My estrodiol should be more than 15, and it was 12. VERY LOW.

My DHEA was on the high end of normal. No problem there.

My Progesterone was .2. It should be somewhere between about 3 - 28. VERY LOW.

Because of the high risk of problems if you get pregnant during testosterone therapy (wish my OTHER doc had told me this all of these other months I had been using testosterone cream, but I think this doc might be talking about more aggressive therapy), he said he can't ethically treat me until we have a permanent form of birth control in place (vasectomy or tubal ligation). I'm leaning towards tubal. I'm the one with the problem, so I need a permanent solution. Scott isn't the one with a need for a permanent solution. I know he's considering because he doesn't want me to go through yet another medical procedure, but it's no biggie for me. The doctor said the upside is that the effects of a tubal are immediate, so we could begin treatment immediately, whereas a vasectomy could take months, and that he has found women actually get back to normal faster than men, even though technically the 'recovery' time for tubal should be longer. I guess women are just stronger creatures *laugh*

He did tell me to stop birth control pills immediately and that I should see a SMALL improvement, but probably not enough to make much of a difference. Since we will be battling against anti-anxiety medications, and I can't go off those, we'll just have to be more aggressive.

My head is just spinning with all of this! I'm almost hesitant to hope that after all this time, I might feel NORMAL at some point in the future. I've tried so many things, so many treatments, been told it's all in my head, and been told there is nothing that can be done. To think that maybe, just maybe, I could have normal hormone levels and all of the normalcy that comes with that... I can't let myself get my hopes up.

Once we make a decision on tubal vs. vasectomy, I can make an appointment to start a treatment plan.

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