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Sometimes, life is just good

Yesterday, I made the observation that for ONCE I had a holiday and the kids and Scott didn't. Sun is closed for President's Day today, yet Scott had to work and the kids had to go to school. Scott told me that I should not just sit around the house - I should take the chance to get out and do something for myself.

Today was MY DAY.

Part of my Valentine's from Scott was a Spa Wish gift certificate. I called around today and found a place that could do an hour long Swedish massage and a toning facial. I took the kids to school and then had a wonderful couple of hours at the spa. I then went and got an orthopedic bed for Pepper's crate (she has arthritis setting in a joint where she had a luxating patella - kneecap that popped out of place when she was younger), then spent some time around Half-Price Books. I found several puzzles, and a couple of books I couldn't live without.

Back home to pick up mom and go get the kids from school. I spent a few minutes with the kids and mom, then went back out to get my hair cut. I got a kickin' little hair cut, that can do a shaggy bob if left to dry, can curl under if styled, or can flip out in layers if styled that way. I love it so far. I went into a shop in the mall and got a couple of bras and a GREAT little hoodie sweater in this sparkly lavender.

I knew Scott wanted to go out to dinner, so I called to find out when I needed to be home. I HAD ANOTHER HOUR! TOTALLY time to go by Nordstom's! I found a pair of New Balance 801 slides in grey and pink (not listed on the site, but very similar to the grey and lavender one they do show). I also found a pair of slipper socks (I'm ALL about the funky socks!) in black, with leather bottoms and HUGE cheetah print cuffs. If you know me, you know about me and cheetah prints. My steering wheel is covered in it, my driver's seat is covered in it, I have fuzzy dice in it, I have a black sweater with cheetah print trim, underwear, socks, a purse, all manner of things. So these fit just PERFECT!

I ran home in time to slip into something dressier. I had to slam on some serious makeup because facials actually make your face look HORRIBLE the same day. The dress I wore has been sitting in my closet for over a year, because I haven't found a winter occasion to wear it. It's a knee length, long sleeve dress, with gathers along the middle...and the dress is cheetah print. Pretty daring. Threw the iPod, cell phone, my wallet, and a gift certificate I won in a raffle from the kids' school into my ONE FAKE Kate Spade bag (because my real one is red and wouldn't look good at all!), put on my sparkly black heels and we were OFF! (Mom watched the kids while they slept)

Escargot, blue cheese wedge salads, a baked artichoke, blue cheese tenderloin, bacon wrapped scallops and shrimp, a shared Creme brulee, a bottle of Camus Conundrum, a few glasses of Chianti (Scott), a glass of port (Scott), a some house Reisling (me). YUMMMMMMMMMMMY! I am so stuffed, but it was such a good time.

The kids were asleep when we got home, the dogs had been fed, and there was nothing left to do on my ME DAY other than slip into a loose top, some pajama bottoms, fuzzy purple socks, and work on a puzzle while watching TV.

I repeat - Sometimes, life is just good.
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