trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Good day overall

The good:

- The kids were good.
- I ate an ENTIRE bag of Chex Turtle Mix while working on my puzzle.
- My puzzle is over halfway done.
- I got TWO naps in today, one with Matthew snuggled next to me.
- Michael pooped. All on his own.
- I get to sleep in tomorrow.
- I can now tell the weather with my knee, it seems.
- My subscription to US magazine started today.
- I got to watch a couple of movies today.
- My crested geckos have adapted, and Miss Blizzard is a little princess. She seems to think I'm supposed to sit there and hand feed her. (Confession - I did rig up a small cap with a suction cup on the back last night, which I attach right next to her favorite sleeping place. I've been filling it with their special fruit baby food, crested gecko meal replacement, and honey mixture). Cyclone came out to see me tonight for a while, and is still just the sweetest and cutest thing ever. He even has a following. Someone in the crested gecko group made an icon out of my picture of him and several people have been using it :)
- The kids have school on Monday. Sun is closed. WHEEEEE! Day off with no kids!
- For Valentine's Day, I got a spa gift card. Now I just have to figure out what I want done and when
- It's now less than a week until georgiaskydiver's visit
- I had a great visit with a new doctor who should be able to help me with my *ahem* hormone issues.

The not so good:

- Some asshole hit my mom's car today (she is ok, and there is just a dent in the front fender). After talking with her a minute, he hopped back in his car and took off. All mom can remember is it was a black car and the man was Hispanic. Nothing we can do there. I had her report it to the insurance company NOT to make a claim, but in case he comes back and tries to say she hit him and took off.
- My back hurts. My neurotomy was back in June or July. I made it 10 months after my first one before having to get that one. I'm going to try to make it at least 10-12 months before having it done again. I'm shooting for May.
- It is BUTT CHAPPIN COLD outside!
- I need a haircut
- While at the new doctor's office, I actually ran into a friend of ours (well, the girlfriend of the cousin of one of my best friend's husband. Follow that? *laugh* Actually, they come to all of our parties, so I know her fairly well). Anyway, I'm at a clinic specializing in SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION and there's a friend of mine (she is a drug rep). Ummm. Oh! Hi! (Just pretend he's your GYN. Just pretend he's your GYN)
- I'm sleepy and must go to bed now
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