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And a fine time was had by all

Yes, last night was the Legendary Pink Dots at the Gypsy Tea Room here in Dallas. Gene-bob, Jill-bob and myself decided we needed to trek out to see them. Here is the bright, shining crew:

Details about the night, pics from the concert and even VIDEO (if you count dark 30-second snippets of songs as video) are:

First, we had to go out for Sue She! Hit the Mr. Sushi on Belt Line and ate lots of yummy, spicy treats. Jill, have the nose hairs started growing back? (dark video of GB eating)

BEST part of Mr. Sushi? The toilet, OF COURSE!!!!

Onward downtown to the Gypsy Tea Room:

We sat through the the sound check and feedback opening band.

And, finally, the concert - first pics of us and the tea room, then the LPD:

And videos:
Movie 1
Movie 2

Finally, we went over to GB's house to sit for a while

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