trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

You're full of it

Actually, Michael is.

About 10 or so, Michael woke up screaming and was rolling around on the floor saying his belly hurt. We've always had...ummm...elimination issues with him since birth. He isn't constipated, just can't go. Since birth he's been on adult doses of laxatives in an attempt to keep him 'regular'. Every so often, he just gets backed up. When he was 8 weeks old, he was hospitalized for it. Thankfully, it hasn't come to that again.

Anyway, he stopped eating much a few days ago and hadn't passed anything since then. When a four year old says he would rather just have a packet of oatmeal instead of a Happy Meal, you know something is wrong. The addition of Ex-Lax didn't help. Glycerin suppositories didn't help. So it was off to the emergency care for children place.

Michael's GI doc has always said he is just 'stretched out' and doesn't feel the need to go until he is too full to go comfortably. The urgent care doc suggests we go to a new GI doc. He heard very little intestinal sounds and thinks he has problems with motility as well. He says he should not be having this level of problems. We have a pretty X-Ray (they gave us a CD, so I'll see if I can upload it later) showing that he is FULL through his small and large intestines. It looks like he has poop from his bottom all the way up into his chest cavity. The doctor said, and no joke here, that it is probably 8% of his body weight at this point!

One children's enema later (yeah, THAT was an experience) we had a little bit of success and I plan on finding a new doc tomorrow.

I'm exhausted and going to bed now.

They don't tell you that motherhood means having to spend entire evenings dealing with this kind of crap :) Or that your kids will be full of shit.
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