trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Cyclone got a girlfriend! (We hope!)

Last week I posted about Cyclone, the new addition to our family. I wanted to find a mate for him, and had a few people keeping their eyes open. Finally, I got a call that there was a nice crested that they THOUGHT was probably a female. Only time will tell :)

To go along with our weather theme, Cyclone's new girl is named Blizzard. It fits her a little, as she is a bit colder (stand-offish) than Cy and she jumps like a mad gecko. She LOVES to jump and is constantly on the move. She doesn't have the amazing markings that Cyclone has, but she is beautiful nonetheless.

To show the difference in her markings and Cyclone, here he is. He seems to have partial pinstriping, some harlequin, and even a little dalmation in him!

Finally, the two together:

As neither were actively eating, tonight I put some of their mix (baby food peaches, crested gecko meal replacement, vitamins, water and honey) on my fingers and they lapped it up. It is promising to me that they will soon realize the small bowl is there and feed for themselves. No interest in crickets yet.
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