trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Love in time for Valentine's Day

Cyclone has a girlfriend! (We hope)

I had someone keeping an eye out for a female, and today they believed they have found one. They are FAIRLY certain it's a girl, so we're going with that until we find out differently. She isn't a broken pinstrip harlequin like Cyclone, but a very pretty patternless. Maybe she'll get some sort of markings as she gets older. She isn't as tame as Cyclone (yet), but is way more active.

My mom named her Blizzard and it kind of stuck. I don't have photos of her yet, but maybe tomorrow I'll get some.


I went to a resale shop today and found inline skates in Michael and Matthew's sizes. For $20 total, they now have a pair each - one came with a complete second set of wheels, tools, and a carrying bag. YAY! They actually did pretty good their first time wwith them!
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