trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Borrowed. Too. Many. Spoons.

My cleaning frenzy over the last few days was built on spoons from several days in advance. Last night, my body started getting really sore and my back was complaining quite loudly. This morning, it hurts to move my back. I'm going to take it easy today so I am able to move tomorrow. I guess that spells lots of time on the computer and working Sudoku puzzles. I've got the heating pad on my back and might have to resort to pain killers. I don't want to because they have started giving me major insomnia.


Scott got home last night after 12 hours in the Tampa airport. We're glad to have him back, and he's still sleeping to catch up from his late night travelling.


Why was I ever worried about Bruno not eating? He's become a regular pig. Last night when I fed him and Maude, he must have munched on 10 crickets one right after the other. I'm going to have to slow down how much I feed them. They are becoming more trusting, however. Both of them will let me hand feed them, they don't shy away from my hand, and they do lick to 'smell' me when I put my hand in the cage. :)


I'm really excited about the Super Bowl party tomorrow. It will be nice to see people I haven't seen in a while, let the kids play, and actually get some use out of MY new 65" HDTV other than watching damn Anime with the kids.
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