trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Burn, baby, burn

I am just POURING sweat! I feel like a meth addict on a bender, only without the drugs. The last three nights have been cleaning and organizing. I have just completed a seven foot tall bookshelf in my closet because I could not have gotten it in if I had built it elsewhere. I got tired of us using our bedroom as a dump site, because it is the only place in the house people don't go. I moved the papasan chair out into the garage, because all it did was collect clothes. I straightened, I packed up, I cleaned. I bought a new duvet cover for our comforter because I was tired of purple and black. This one is black and white, with yellow, and grey circles. Looks better than it sounds :)

Scott and I have been texting all day. He's been trying to get out of Tampa all day, but the weather has had the airport closed and flights delayed more than 4 hours after that. The last message was a few minutes ago telling me that the plane didn't have a flight crew. Lord only knows when he'll get home, or whether it will even be tonight.

Ok, off to get some food for the boys. I'm so GLAD it is the weekend.
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