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Rocking the 'Pod

Can you believe FedEx delivers at 8 pm? Well, they did. Last night I finally got my main Christmas present from Scott, and I LOVE IT. (To be fair, I actually got the gift at Christmas, but it didn't work so he had to order a new one)

I got Logitech wireless headphones for my iPod.

If you have an iPod and don't have these, I really recommend them. They are usually around $100, but has them on sale, along with a $50 rebate - making them less than $40.

You attach a little box to your iPod, and it connects to the wireless headphones (which fit around the back of your head instead of over the top). You can then control the iPod from the headphones - there are controls (very easy to use without looking) to go forward or back, raise or lower the volume, pause and play. Last night, I was listening in bed while working Sudoku puzzles, and needed to get up and get something from the kitchen. There were spots in the kitchen where it cut out for a second, but I'm amazed with the distance I got from the actual iPod and could still listen with a fairly high quality.

This gift fills in the final hole of my iPod usability - I hated the ear buds and having the wire snaking around out of my purse. I listened to my iPod in my car (wireless connection into my car stereo), and through my computer while I work, but very rarely listened to it outside of that because I hated the ear buds so much.

Now I just need to find a way to transport the earphones so they don't get broken. I should be able to fashion some sort of case that fits in my purse.
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