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Can't sleep

- I feel icky, so I can't sleep. I will lay on the couch and work Sudoku puzzles.

- I need to stop feeding my geckos by putting a worm in the palm of my hand. I had my hand out today for Bruno to get used to it, he stepped onto my fingers, thought the roll of my palm next to my fingers was a worm, and bit me. Not that leopard geckos can really 'bite'. He also looked confused and walked away. Guess mommy isn't as yummy as a cricket or worm.

- I did more studying, retook some practice tests for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and made in the 80s. Now I have to find a testing location and see how soon I can take the test. Yay.

- I sent the kids to school today so they could see the fire fighters and fire trucks that were coming to their school. No, they aren't well yet :) Michael has a massive ear infection he is on meds for, and was running a fever (only 99.5) as recently as last night. Both still have coughs and runny noses, but they've been home sick for about 5 days now. And they really wanted to see the fire truck. Bad mommy! Bad mommy!

- There is nothing quite as boring as attending a two-day meeting via the phone. Especially when it is a brainstorming session for a project. Tomorrow is day two. We talk a LOT in Marketing. :)

- Finally sent out invitations to our annual Super Bowl party yesterday. Our friend Jax is going overboard since she is from Pittsburgh. She's bringing a Steelers flag to fly out front, and making traditional Pittsburgh / Czech food. YUM! I really don't care one way or the other about the teams playing, but I'll pull for the Steelers in her honor. The party is just an excuse to get together a drink with friends, let the kids all play together, and make good use of our 2 65" HDTVs. Not that they don't get a good workout with cartoons :)

- I had a gift certificate for Harry and David's, so I ordered a gift basket with lots of yummy fruits and snacks. Should get here in the next few days.

- Sometimes I think I'm raising crickets instead of lizards. They take more work at times - I had to buy new food, clean their cages, clean the feeding tubes, and start the new crickets gutloading.

- Michael wants a puppy. When I said no, he said he wanted a bunny. Not until he's a few years older and can take care of it. No way!

- Still can't sleep. Back to Sudoku.