trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


I think I'm getting back to normal emotionally. Well, normal for ME.

Tonight, I mated all of my socks and threw out old or unpaired socks. I did three loads of laundry, folded them, and then put away about 6 loads that had been sitting there clean this week (we had just been pulling out of the clean pile all week). I threw out a bunch of stuff in my bathroom cabinet and drawer, organized them and organized the bins on the counter. I did the dishes. I went shopping and got a torch lamp with attached reading spotlight for behind my 'nest'. I organized the tables next to my nest. I bought a converter and coax cable, brought down an old 13" color TV and hooked up the old Nintendo 64 for the boys in their play area (so I could get it off of the big TV). I bought new sheets. I bought new bras. I cleaned off our dresser. I snacked on frozen grapes while watching TV.

Can you say 'Upswing'? I thought you could.

My severe depression seems to have broken at about 150MG a day of Zoloft. I don't feel the need to go up to 200MG a day, which I had been given the leeway to make that decision.

Things are looking up.

Oh, and I can't get this out of my head:

Oh baby, knock three times...
On the ceiling if you want me.
Twice on the pipes...
If the answer is no.

Gotta love that Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Almost as bad as

Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam.
Do the jitterbug down in muskrat land...

I need to wind down and sleep. Yep. Sleep.
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