trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Fire! Fire! Fire!

When we built our house, we were very excited about the large gas fireplace in the living room. When we moved in, we had a couple of small fires - just a few hours.

Then we got the gas bill! Just those couple of fires ran the gas bill up by more than $100!!!! When I talked to the gas service to see if it was a mistake...I mean, that HAD to be a mistake. Surely nobody would ever have a fire if it cost about $35 an hour. They said that when you are heating the house, and you have the flue open and a fire going, it sucks all the heat out of your house and you have to work harder to heat the house.

Umm, yes, but $35 an hour???

We had blocked the fireplace with dog crates and made it into the dog's area. I moved all the crates and did a bit of cleaning. (You'll still see the dog stuff off to the side)

I took out all of the gas works and logs, spread out the base layer and put in a candelabra. I bought 8 pillar candles, and I think it looks FANTASTIC! I can have fires now.

Finally, a look at the full fireplace. We've got lots of fossils and gems along the mantle that need to be thinned out. :) Otherwise, I love my fireplace.

What was even funnier was when Scott came home.

He. Was. DRUNK!

He just looked at the fire, pointed, stammered, pointed, then told me to make it go away. I didn't get an explanation. I think it was freaking him out or something. :)

Then he licked my forehead and went to pass out on the bed. All before 9:30.
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