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No Subject. Really.

Only four more days of my finance class. The finals are harsh, but I am probably 2/3 of the way done. Then it's on to Marketing, Internet concepts (sleeper, Web programming (SERIOUS SLEEPER), eBusiness (an unknown), and the capstone course from hell. I think in the capstone course you have to write some sort of paper covering all of the business topics you have learned during your degree.

Then...graduation with honors, baby!!!! Unfortunately, I blew my 4.0 with an Economics course a couple of classes ago. I'm just really determined to stay as close as possible.

Today was fun, yet exhausting. We went to see the new house that Michael and Matthew's ex-nanny just bought. They moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a fairly nice house with a pool, a greenhouse, and some gorgeous big trees. The have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Add in my two 3 year olds and a fun day was had by all. We went swimming spent several hours making sure the kids didn't drown. The kids' Abuelo was visiting and he cooked fajitas, which were yummy.

I posted lots of pictures and videos from today, but they are unfiled, so you just have to click through

But if you see only one thing today, it needs to be this file!

I left early to try to get my missing camera accessories from Wolf Camera, as the guy on the phone told me they closed at 7 tonight. After driving all the way over there, it turns out they closed at 6. That means another trip tomorrow, but I need to go to the grocery store anyway for milk, fruit, cereal and all of those other fun things you run out of every three days with 3-year old twins in the house.


Oh, and I saw Wes post, so I hope he and Wendy had a great time in Florida and that we will get updates and pictures really soon!
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