trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

My heart swells

I'm so proud of my boy!!!

Michael was watching the start of the Auburn v. Wisconsin Citris Bowl with me, and I was trying to explain football. After telling him the general idea (each team has four tries to get the ball a certain distance, if they make it, they get four more until they make it to the end. If they don't make the distance in four tries or score, the ball goes to the other team), I told him the guys in white were the other team, and we, Auburn, were in the blue shirts.

He looked at me and said 'Auburn Tigers?'

Awww. That's my boy!

He also repeated calls for a while until he lost interest and went back to playing ToonTown on his computer.


I was so excited because I had a package waiting at work. Sometimes, our vendors send us gifts to thank us for our business. I drove down to the office after another appointment this morning, and picked up the box. It was a bottle of Port. Guess my husband scored! He loves port.

I had hoped I could make it to the mailroom without seeing anyone I knew. Usually, that's the case. Not this time - because I had not showered, my hair was a mess, and no makeup. I'm hobbling around on my cane and there's Roger! There's Judd! Oh well. I think I'll live.


Countdown to surgery: Day after tomorrow. Yay.
Tags: auburn, kids, medical, work
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