trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

My Hero

I had been sitting with the kids in my 'nest' recliner, but needed to get up for a few minutes. I pulled back on the lever to lower the leg rest, and popped out for a while. After running around the kitchen for a few minutes, I noticed Barqs (the Cairn Terrier) bowing down in front of the recliner and barking. At first I thought that Pepper had a bone or toy next to the recliner and Barqs was jealous (that's how she shows she wants what Pepper has). After she kept doing it, I came over to intervene.

Pepper was caught under the leg rest of the recliner!!!!!! It had shut on her and she didn't make a noise!

I opened it and pulled her out, made sure she was ok (she wasn't hurt, thank God!), and gave her lots of love and apologies.

Then I showered love on Barqs. Who knows how long I would have left Pepper under there if Barqs hadn't let me know she was there.

She's my hero for the day!


Countdown: Surgery in four days. I can't wait.
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