trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Denial is a river in Egypt

Scott wins. I'm having knee surgery next week. I kept telling him that the most I would get is physical therapy, but that my knee wasn't hurt THAT bad.

We don't know how it happened but I have a complex medial meniscus tear. The doctor made a good image in my mind. He made a small rip in the paper on the table. He pointed and said, "That's a tear". Then he clawed at it like a cat and said, "That's shredded, like your cartlidge." We looked at the MRI scans, and he showed me where the meniscus looks more like marbled beef than the solid black it should appear as.

He walked me over to another doc in their practice who he says is the top knee ortho surgeon in Dallas. Funny thing is, this morning at the MRI place, I was looking through the D magazine top docs issue and saw him listed there. Guess he knows his stuff. Anyway, the other doc saw me, looked at my MRI, asked me to walk, then said he was getting me in as soon as possible. I'm scheduled for Wednesday, January 9, and am on the cancellation list in case they can get me in earlier.

I will have 3-5 days on crutches, then only use them for longer walks. Physical therapy (of course) and it's a good thing I have my own stationary recumbent bike to strengthen my leg. I should be pain free for walking within 6 weeks, and able to squat, kneel or take stairs without pain within 3 months.

I can't wait to hear my boss when we return on January 2nd, when I say "Hey - I know I took three vacation days mid-December, and had to go home with little notice for a funeral, taking one bereavement day and one vacation day, but in two days I have to take at least one day for knee surgery. Happy New Year!". This is a new boss, so she probably thinks I'm a piece of work. *laugh*

Oh well, it falls where it falls, and at least my knee will be better soon. And I don't have to wear that damn brace anymore because it doesn't help. Just use my cane and keep my leg up and iced as much as two four-year-olds will allow.

Gee, Trish - what did YOU get for Christmas?

A limp. :)
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